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Simple questions are answered by you about your childhood or growing up times. You answer with one word to complete the sentence, and then it happens: the MIMA Moment!


My childhood kitchen table
shape was________________.

When you answer the question with one word, your mind then goes back to your childhood home and fills in the rest of the story: where you sat at the table, what time you ate dinner every night, what placemats, plates, drinking glasses were used, and so on. The process of a one-word answer brings the experience of the entire scenario. Suddenly, you are transformed to that time, and instantly, you have experienced a MIMA Moment. The inevitable smile is unavoidable.
Take your time; it's a memory extravaganza. It's not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Take the trip; it only costs a thought to purchase a MIMA moment. It's worth the investment!
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