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  • Mothballs In My Attic is used by Activity Planners, Doctors, Nurses, Facilities Directors, Staff and Volunteers in over 40 states across the country, and in Canada and Australia. Offer your members a new resource tool for their daily planning. They will thank you for being cutting edge offering the newest innovative resource tool available.

  • Professional Activity Planners, Facility Directors and Associations purchase this book to stimulate memory recollection and life review. We have also found that Mothballs In My Attic has stimulated meaningful recollection when visitors engage in conversation with a loved one. We are offering an alternative from the typical "Sunday" visits that family members engage in. It's amazing how the conversation reflects back to a much happier time and remembering is fun. Conversation is the key!!

  • Activity Planners, Directors of Facilities, Staff and Volunteers can incorporate this book into their individual or group sessions and be creative by planning activities centered around the chapters and sentences. Adult children will have conversation starters with their elderly parents to stimulate memories and life lessons. The cost is inexpensive for you to experience the newest resource tool. Once you experience Mothballs In My Attic you will recommend it to others.

Resource Tool Spotlights


Creative Forecasting, publishers for the Activity Professional, reviewed Mothballs In My Attic in their Resource Spotlight as a creative resource tool for Activity and Recreation Professionals. Mothballs In My Attic will have a monthly column in the 2006 Creative Forecasting magazine.

Mothballs In My Attic has been reviewed as a resource tool for Activity Planners and Dementia caregivers in the Long Term Care Newsletter published by Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care, visit their website at www.activitytherapy.com. Mothballs In My Attic is recognized on the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, www.nccdp.org and Resources for Therapeutic Recreation Professionals, www.recreationtherapy.com

Assisted Living Executive magazine "Bookshelf" section which is published by the Assisted Living Federation of America featured Mothballs In My Attic on their Products and Resources page in June 2005.
Senior Focus publication published by the National Council on the Aging from their corporate headquarters in Washington, DC reviewed Mothballs In My Attic in their August 2005 issue titled "Try to Remember…It's Good For Your Brain".
Mothballs In My Attic is proud to be a part of the new products offered through NASCO 2006 Senior Activities Catalog, the "Activity Professionals favorite catalog". www.eNASCO.com
Mothballs In My Attic has donated to the common areas of the Ronald McDonald Houses in Long Branch and New Brunswick, New Jersey. The book offers a diversion for the families. It may take their mind off their troubles for a moment. It also can be a conversation starter between families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
Mothballs In My Attic has donated books to the Leeza's Places around the country for their library. The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation creates a national community of care, comfort and cure for the Alzheimer's Disease and related memory disorders. www.leezagibbons.com.
The Medical Field has embraced Mothballs In My Attic!
Thank you to the many caregivers on the front line for giving their all to make someone else's life full and productive.
If you think back to the times at hand
Like the hourglass of life that dribbles sand
And your memories are flooding back
Take out the trunk and start to unpack
The mothballs are floating all around
Waiting for a memory to be found.
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