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"I shared some of the questions with my friends and, before I knew it, everyone was gathering around, sharing short stories of their past. We are planning a MIMA party in the near future."
"This is the best way for us Baby Boomers to go 'tripping.' MIMA is a ride to remember!"
"If something makes me remember a blast from my past, I share it with my wife. She'll say, 'Another MIMA moment!' Now, we recognize how a simple thought or a tickling of our senses brings pleasant memories, and we finally have a name for it - MIMA moments!"
"Next 'girls night out' is going to be a MIMA party. It's so much fun, and it's amazing how the time flies! We can't wait for the next book to come out."
If you think back to the times at hand
Like the hourglass of life that dribbles sand
And your memories are flooding back
Take out the trunk and start to unpack
The mothballs are floating all around
Waiting for a memory to be found.
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